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How To Know If My Ex Still Loves Me

The world of romance is confusing, today you are well with your partner, you have a stable relationship and suddenly everything is over, and weeks go by and there are no signs that your ex misses you, and doubts begin: How do I know if my ex loves me if he doesn’t talk to me? How do I know if my ex thinks about me? or How do I know if my ex misses me? these things don’t happen maybe first when you meet the person you love or when the relationship begins, but when the time comes to get back together with an ex, here everything begins to spin. If you’re wondering, how do I know if my ex still loves me?

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If after the relationship has ended your thoughts have become clearer and you wonder if that person still loves you or has been able to move forward without you. Keep in mind the following tips.

How to Know If My Ex Still Loves Me?

1. First sign: Negative emotions

If he loved you, it’s normal for that person to act indifferently towards you. He or she may show emotions such as anger and hate, you may think he or she hates you, but this is not the case, if your ex treats you this way it can be a sign of how to know if your ex misses you, he or she is only hurt because the expectations he or she had for the love relationship were not met.

In the period of the breakup, you find yourself totally confused emotionally. He or she has a confusion between what he or she really feels about you and the discomfort of the breakup. He is hurt because of you, because he still loves you, you just need to wait for these negative feelings to clear up.

When a person truly loves, the period of repose can be extended and is very painful. But once the negative emotions that characterize the beginning of the break-up have passed, they often use these final feelings of nostalgia to move forward and try to conquer you and take it all back.

What to do in these cases?

This covers a number of things, the first thing to determine how to know if your ex still loves you is to give her space and time to think things through. Wait for her feelings to settle down. If you rush in, your presence will confuse him/her even more, only causing more pain.

You can’t do anything about it now. Give the time for the wounds to heal completely, and once the feelings of resentment are gone, it is time to establish a friendship or think about resuming the relationship but in a more mature way and thinking about the future.

2. Second sign: He or she thinks it’s a competition.

f your ex does immature things, such as making you jealous of other people, you should know that he or she still thinks about you and loves you. This immature behavior is a form of competition for him or her, in which he or she wants to show that he or she is better than you and wants to make you jealous.

The ways in which it would cause jealousy, are those of an exaggerated flirtation with other people in front of you, the photos with other people on social networks, Whatsapp Profiles and others, among a thousand and one other nonsense. This way of provoking you are signs that your ex-boyfriend still loves you. But what you don’t know is that it’s a behavior that can cause you to move further away.

If you see your ex and notice such behavior, take it easy and wait for it to flow. If he thinks about you the charade will end soon and then he may take on more responsibility.

What to do in these cases?

Even if you are wondering how to know if he still loves me? the best way to know is to keep your distance and not get involved in his game. Your task is to move forward in your life and enjoy it, get out even if you don’t feel like it. The competition on which that person is based includes always being aware of your life and will seek to imitate it, trying to overcome it, believing that it makes it better.

If it was not you who ended the relationship and he or she notices that you are looking to move forward in your life, a feeling of doubt will be born in him or her as to whether ending it was the best decision he or she could make, and perhaps even a desperate feeling of getting back in touch with you will arise.

Another of your tasks is to go out with other people, but don’t think that this is out of revenge or to want to get into their game and compete at the same time. It’s simply to get ahead and distract yourself, since the attitude your ex is taking is not the right one.

3. Third Sign: Change in Behavior

This sign is somewhat similar to the first one, but involves a random change in behavior toward you, which is an indication that you still have mixed feelings. If he acts coldly at one point, to the point that you wonder, how do I know if he misses me if he doesn’t talk to me? If he or she does not talk to me, then he or she can make sure that he or she is still thinking about you. It is his or her own resentment that makes him or her act this way.

The changes in attitude are totally telling is a way to know if your ex still loves you, for example, does not answer your calls, and then call you in a desperate way, another serious act, that he / she does not want to spend time with you, looking for ways to get as far away as possible, and then try to be with you in a desperate way.

The answer to this behavior is simple, he/she is under a feeling of confusion, is disoriented about what he/she feels for you and what he/she wants for his/her future.

She tries to convince herself that it is best to stay away, because she knows her heart is still beating for you. She still loves you and misses you, but finds herself in big trouble because she doesn’t know if ending it was the best thing to do.

What to do in these cases?

The best thing is to take it easy, do not despair because of this. You must stand firm and not let any irrational behavior affect you or alter your new life.

If you are interested in your ex and think there is a possibility of trying again in the future. Try to offer her a friend to try to talk and work things out in due course, but be careful never to respond to her irrational behavior.

If you see that his attitude is affectionate, respond in the same way, but if you notice an indifference from him or her, simply treat him or her the same way. It may be an immature response, but you should not reward such behavior changes.

4. Fourth sign: The typical and most reliable, the calls after a few drinks.

Calling you after a drink is a sign that makes those nagging doubts that go round and round in your head disappear: How do I know if she misses me? How do I know if my ex loves me? With this call he tells you more than just that he misses you, he tells you that he is still crazy about you and that you are everything to him or her.

He or she may call to let off steam or even to complain, or perhaps he or she may ask you to come back into his or her life. It will certainly be a unique moment for you, even if tomorrow he or she acts coldly and as if nothing has happened.

What to do in such cases?

If you get a few calls from your ex in the middle of the night, don’t get upset, just have a few drinks and think about yourself, because drinks trigger hidden feelings. Without going any further, be very careful with the words you say to her, it may be that anything you say to her can be taken out of context and misinterpreted.

Your response to these calls from your ex should be that of a listener. This is to avoid confusing her feelings and misinterpreting your words.

5. Fifth signal: He communicates with you after the Zero Contact rule.

In the breaking period, there is a rule that is the Zero contact rule, either by one or the other, or by both. This is to give oneself time to calm down, but if one breaks this rule and contacts you immediately during the short time of having finished, be sure that he or she is totally sorry.

It may be next to the fourth rule, it is one of the most reliable. Since you make sure that your ex wants you back, how do you know if she doesn’t? He doesn’t look for you, he doesn’t call you, no contact with you after a considered time, since at first you can see pride in the middle.

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What to do in these cases?

If you are the one who set the zero contact rule, avoid calling him, looking for him or anything that makes you think of him or her. It may be difficult, but you need to get by without that person, at least for a few months. In the end, it’s all worth the effort.

In short, what should I do after I see these signs?

Give yourself your time and space, while giving your ex the space he deserves. Avoid any contact, don’t respond to premature statements after the breakup, don’t change your attitude unnecessarily, and don’t get into the game of whoever flirts the most.

Other similar questions such as, how do you know if a guy is jealous? Or the typical “Does he have a girlfriend but is looking for me?” do not differ much in the signs we have mentioned.

If a boy is jealous, he will look for you and flirt with other women to look for some answer from you and if he has a girlfriend but he looks for you, it means that he misses you and loves you, having a girlfriend is just a way to forget you, because of the typical thought that a love can substitute another love.

If you want to know if your ex still loves you, either to avoid hurting him more or to feel some interest in getting back together with him. Pay attention to all the signs mentioned above and think clearly.

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