27 text messages he loves to receive from you

You want to be his first and last thought? Send him these messages and he’ll be so crazy about you that you’ll be all he’ll think about!

It is true that men have a romantic side that they can identify with and appreciate in the woman they love, but there is a side of practicality that almost no woman can understand or capture, if you do, that man will NEVER want to leave your side.

Use these 27 text messages he’s dying to get from you.

  • Don’t worry, see you tomorrow! Have a good time with your friends and be prepared because tomorrow will be unforgettable.

This way you let him know that you are not his jailer, that you have the ability to understand him, that you will not be angry tomorrow, but on the contrary, tomorrow will be unforgettable.

  • We don’t have to do anything elaborate tonight. Pizza for two and movie marathon

You’re easy to make happy.

  • I’m dying to see you, I know we don’t have plans today, but if you can get away for a minute for a kiss, I’d be the happiest woman in the world.

You are spontaneous, you are not afraid to admit that you are dying to see him and one minute is more than enough.

  • Yeah, let’s not go to that party. Let’s just stay home and have our own party.

Men don’t love those formal parties where appearances are so important. Show him that you don’t need them to be happy either.

  • Last night was amazing [I love to boost your ego]

Nothing more effective than boosting your man’s ego.

  • My parents won’t be able to come tonight (we were saved for a few months :))

They’re your parents and you love them, but you understand the pressure on him and you’re his accomplice. Does it get any sexier than this? I doubt it.

  • How much longer till tonight? Isn’t there something to move the clock forward? I can’t wait to see you.

Express your desire to be with him and you’ll be all that occupies his mind for the rest of the day.

  • Guess what? I bought two tickets to the game you wanted to see

Nothing drives a man more crazy than a wife or girlfriend who wants to enjoy her favorite team with him.

  • Of all your friends, you are the funniest

For some reason, men, besides loving competition, feel fulfilled when they are considered fun, funny or amusing. Tell him and he’s yours forever.

  • Of course I’m not jealous, it’s impossible for you to want to be with anyone but me.

Security. Security. Security. You’ll go far beyond what you imagine.

  • I’ll be ready when you are.

We need more time than most men to prepare (and they hate it). Calculate the times well and don’t keep him waiting.

  • My parents love you

Even if it’s not quite like that, the fact that you tell him that your parents like him will give him confidence and he will act less nervous and uncomfortable when he’s around them.

  • Girls only, no men will be involved (that’s why you’re not invited)

Don’t make him jealous if he has no reason to be. Tell him there won’t be any men if you’re only going out with women. The jealousy game is for teenagers.

  • Next week I’ll be on ‘those days of the month’, if I cry about everything, it’s not personal

If you get too emotional or angry on those days, just tell her.

  • You looked beautiful yesterday

Don’t tell him in person, do it the next day in a text and you’ll drive him crazy.

  • I’ve been thinking about you all day (Do you know if there’s any medicine for that?)

You are so crazy about him that you wonder if you need a cure (he will offer to cure you by visiting you).

  • No problem, I know you’re super busy. Take care of that and when you’re free I have a lot of ideas to make up for lost time.

Understanding and fun, I NEVER get angry.

  • Just a reminder: Next week is your mom’s birthday, if you need help with the gift, I’ll take care of it.

It’s scientifically proven that men even forget their mothers’ birthdays. Save the day, prove you don’t hate her and you’ll take care of it.

  • I feel like relaxing and staying home tonight, but if you want to go watch the game with your friends, I’m happy!

You’re sure of yourself, if you don’t feel like going out, you don’t condemn him to staying home.

  • Let’s make tonight just about you

Spoil him once in a while, and he’ll get addicted to you.

  • Where do you want to have dinner tonight? My treat.

Give him a break, and you be the one to pay for dinner every once in a while.

  • You don’t need to go to the gym, you’re already gorgeous

Again, a boost to his ego.

  • Your friends are good people.

Men’s friends are like sacred to them. Speak well of them and you will have them all in the palm of your hand.

  • I’m sorry. You were right.

Admit your guilt and apologize.

  • You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

Is it? Tell him, he wants to know.

  • I wish you could be inside my heart so you could understand how happy you make me.

The dream of all men in love is to be able to make the woman they love happy. Don’t keep guessing, and just confirm it.

  • I love you

It never fails.

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