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13 clear signs that he is serious about your long-distance relationship

Today we’re going to deal with the question of whether he’s serious about you and your long-distance relationship.

Your relationship is going well and you are head over heels in love. But you are in a long-distance relationship and there is a question that won’t let you go:

Is he serious about me?

There are obvious signs that show whether he’s serious about your long-distance relationship or whether it’s just a nice pastime for him.

We’ll help you find out, let’s go:

Long distance relationship – is he really serious?

His behavior shows you unequivocally whether the relationship is as important to him as it is to you. There are 13 signs that give you certainty about whether your partner takes your long-distance relationship seriously or not.

A long-distance relationship is difficult enough. The distance inevitably brings with it longing. If your thoughts are still focused on the question of whether he is really serious about your long-distance relationship, it can drive you almost crazy. 

But often we overlook clear signs. Signs that clearly indicate that the relationship is as important to him as it is to you. And on the other hand, signs that call for caution.

You want to know for sure? We can help you and show you..:

13 signs: If he does this, he means it with you. 

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1. He takes time for you

Besides work, hobbies, friends and family, he obviously takes a lot of time for you – even if the distance stands between you. You are really important to him, otherwise he wouldn’t reset his priorities because of you. 

2. He makes future plans with you

The wedding bells don’t have to ring right away – but maybe the talk is of “your” next holiday? A shared apartment? In any case, he sees you two together in his imagination, and not just at the next meeting.

3. He introduces you to his parents and friends

Men value the opinion of their closest caregivers very highly. So if he takes you into the closest circle of his friends and family members, you can be sure that he has serious intentions.

4. He only has eyes for you

In a long-distance relationship you usually see each other only rarely. Yet it’s in those moments that you can tell if he’s serious about you.

Does he make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world? Does he hang on your every word? Is there no other woman he would ever look at, no matter how attractive?

Congratulations – he only has eyes for you!

5. He trusts you

When he really confides in you, he tells you about his wishes and dreams, as well as his fears and worries. He shows you what moves him and makes himself very vulnerable. A clear sign that he is serious about you.

6. He fights for you

If your partner cares about you, he’ll fight for you. He will not only invest time and money, but also energy in your relationship.

In a long-distance relationship, this is particularly evident in his efforts to see you again as soon as possible, to talk to you on the phone or to participate in your life in some other way. 

7. he makes no secret of your relationship

If he has his way, not only his closest friends and family will be able to know about your relationship, but the whole world as well.

Especially shared pictures in social media like Facebook and Instagram are a step that many men only take when they really mean it. 

8. he leaves his things with you

A few pieces of clothing, a toothbrush or other personal items. If he consciously and intentionally leaves his things with you, he will mark his territory” with it towards third persons and at the same time he will convey to you – I will come back!

9. he listens to you

It’s often the little things in life that count.

His intentions are serious and his interest in you is great when you realize he remembers even the smallest details you told him. You can see his attention as a sign that you are really important to him. 

10. He does not want to change you

Without ifs and buts – if your partner wants you exactly the way you are, without even trying to change you, then it can only be true feelings. 

If you can really be yourself around him and he doesn’t nag you or try to change you in any other way, he really means it with you.

11. His action follows his words

Especially in the emotional state of being “newly in love” words are spoken quickly. They come across your lips before you have even thought about it. But just as quickly these words can also lose their meaning.

But if he is really serious about you, then his words will not only be followed by lazy excuses, but also by deeds.            

12: A quarrel is not a reason for separation

Quarrelling is part of every good relationship. However, if he only wants to “keep you warm”, he will not invest unnecessarily much time and effort in settling a dispute, but will turn away from you.

Your partner’s efforts and willingness to seek a solution to your dispute and to reconcile with you again shows that your relationship is important and dear to him.

13. From “I” to “We”

If your partner switches more and more often from the ego-perspective to the we-perspective in conversations, this shows you that he no longer sees you both as individuals but now also as a unit.

Usually the transition from “I” to “We” is unconscious – and is therefore a very clear sign that he is serious about you.

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